So you might be wondering who made this site? Well, I did, Krzys Kotwicki from Brisbane, Australia.

This isnít an official Energia corp or Molniya corp site or anything like that, those can be found on my links page, Iím not even Russian for that matter.

Anyway, why did I make this site? Well because of the generally depressing state of space exploration in recent times... itís fair to say we have been treading water in a sea of political and beaurocratic retardness for the last 30 years.

Going round, and round, and round the Earth in the insanely expensive to run space shuttle is hardly exciting anyone anymore. Probes to Mars and beyond are great, but hardly giant steps for man... We were doing this ages ago with Viking... (all the same, better than nothing!)

To think that it has been around 30 years since man was last on the moon... Very disapointing! I was promised manned Mars missions! I look around, there are no Mars missions...

Why, why... Why!?;)

Because the human race needs a swift kick in the behind to get moving with space exploration.

This site is designed to alert people to the potential of using Energia to launch a manned mission to Mars, quicker, cheaper and better. I mean címon letís get our act together as a species and do something, no more stupid x-33, shuttle or ISS fiascoís, lets use the technology we got and get something done!


This site, currently in it's 5th version started way  back in 1998, at the time I was surfing around on the internet and by chance came across a grainy picture of the Buran-Energia...

I thought... What's this then...? Another space shuttle system? How come I hadn't heard of it before?

In any case, I decided to rectify the situation and build my own Buran-Energia site. Afterall, this was just about the most expensive space program in history, yet it barely gets a line's mention in most books or on most web pages.

It's especially incredible when you consider a lot of the technology of the Energia system is more advanced than current western launch systems, yet it's all just been written off without a thought by some.

Anyway, I should point out, all the images of Energia or Buran, or the 3D models are from the Russian web site, though I did design the custom graphics and do some of the renders of the site. Also some of the text is from other sites. Iíve tried to acknowledge sources where I can but I may slip up here or there so just email me and Iíll fix it up. So certainly I lay no claim to copyright and am using them solely to get the good word out about these fantastic launch vehicles!:)

Of course, this site did that a long time to make, especially compiling the information on the Buran orbiters and just sorting through everything in general, organising information into a cohesive form is certainly tiresome. 

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the site, and if you have some comments be sure to send me an email or chit chat with others in the forums!



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