Cool Related Space Web Sites

Buran Space Orbiter - Molyina  - Unmissable! Excellent  site by the constructors of Buran. Lots of great pictures as well as some awesome video from Buran's only flight, Unfortunately most of the good stuff is in the Russian section of the site... There is, however, a small English language  section.

Energia Corp
The guys that built the Energia rocket. Lots of clever cookies here. Check out their great Mars Mission ideas.

Well itís Nasa, enough said. The guys that sit around and Ďinvent shit upí as Bruce Willis would say.

Russian Space Agency
Man, I so would love to make-over their web site, but anyway, the guys behind Energia, Buran and alike.

Planetary Photojournal
Nasaís galleries of space photos. Lots of stunning stuff to see here from the likes of Cassini, the Mars rovers and more.

Encyclopedia Astronomica
Extremely comprehensive space web site. Prepare for information overload!;)

Spaceflight now
A good news site. The mission status updates are cool. Some things you need a paid subscription for, but the day I get a paid subscription for anything on the net is they day Iíll be in a wooden box;).
Great looking space site with some pretty big message boards and good news updates. They sure got a good domain name!

Solar System Simulator
Great realtime rendering of the Solar System.

Some of my other sites...

Deep Angel - A site I made for a film script I have written. If youíre name is James Cameron or youíre a Hollywood Studio Exec then please check it out!;)

Solaris  - My website  about the classic sci-fi novel by Stanislaw Lem (currently offline, but will be back soon).

Floods of Lake Eyre - My Dadís (Dr Vincent Kotwicki's) site about the great lake in the heart of Australia, gotta give him a plug;)

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