Energia-2 the enhanced Fly Back version of Energia. Energia-2 involves making the core booster fly back capable, thereby able to take off and land just like the space shuttle. Find out more.

In this section we will look at some of the derivatives in the Energia family of rockets. The Energia design is by its nature very flexible, allowing for 2, 4, 6 and up to 8 booster rockets, with the capability as well for the giant core booster to be a fly back booster! Click on a picture for more details:

We’ll look at Vulkan, Energia in it’s maximum 8 booster and upper stage combination, capable of lifting upwards of 175 tonnes into orbit! The Vulkan configuration can form the basis for Lunar or Mars missions. Find out more.

Energia-M was the smallest Energia developed, featuring just 2 strap on boosters and a smaller core booster with only one engine. Energia-M was designed to launch smaller cargoes into orbit. Find out more.


Energia’s ‘Zenit’ strap on kerosene boosters are currently still flying, albeit not with Energia! The Zenit boosters form the basis of the Boeing SeaLaunch project. SeaLaunch launches commercial satellites into orbit from a floating launch pad in the Pacific Ocean. Find out more.

We’re going Faster, Higher, Energia!

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